8th International IUPAC Symposium
«Macro- and Supramolecular Architectures and Materials» (MAM-17)

Multifunctional Materials and Structures

Exhibition & Sponsorship

Symposium MAM-17 is a global event in the field of macromolecular and supramolecular architectures and materials as well as multifunctional realms and their application. Professionals from all over the world will attend the Symposium, interesting new technologies and research results will be presented there. 

MAM-17 will bring together top scientists and experts from all over the world to share and discuss theoretical and practical knowledge about novel materials and to chart out future scientific and technological research directions.

Plenary and breakout sessions, poster sessions, contest for young scientists are scheduled within the framework of the event. Specialized exhibition, where the leading domestic and foreign companies will present their products and developments, will be arranged as part of the Symposium.

We invite companies to mutually profitable partnership within the framework of the Symposium and offer a number of opportunities for comprehensive participation of your company in MAM-17, which will allow you both to participate in the scientific program and the discussion of topical issues and questions, and introduce to a wider audience of experts your developments.

For questions about sponsorship and participation in the exhibition:

Ilya Gudovich
Tel .: +7 (916) 528 71 05
E-mail: mam-17.org@yandex.ru


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